Video Production

I’ve been involved in a number of video projects, going back to the early 2000s. Below are some of the more recent videos I have had a hand in. Use the contact form in the sidebar, if you have a video project you’d like to discuss.

Focus: Seattle Poets

This series was shot for Another Passion. I had several people help make this series a reality, all of whom volunteered their time. The videos were shot in one day, at Full Pull Wines in Seattle’s Sodo district.

It Gets Better (Mike Selinker & Stepto)

I did the video, editing and post production on this project, co-produced with Liz Smith, written by game designer Mike Selinker.

Nebula Rescue

Promo video for the iPhone game, Nebula Rescue. This is a quick and dirty release, made to go with the cartoony style of the game itself.

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