Portrait and Event Photo Gallery

Here are some examples of my photography. This is a mix of candid portraits, performance photos and staged portraiture. If you would like to know more about my photography, or book a photo session, please use the contact form in the sidebar to get in touch.

People featured in this selection of photos are:

  1. John Roderick, musician
  2. Amanda Palmer, musician
  3. Jason Webley, musician
  4. Kelly Cline, chef and stylist
  5. Adam Savage, Mythbuster
  6. Cyra Jane, artist
  7. The Mother’s Anger, band
  8. Hank Green, Nerdfighter
  9. Loren Harner-Rasmussen, little brother
  10. Doug Fahl, actor
  11. Anna-Lisa Notter, actress/musician
  12. Art Chantry, graphic designer
  13. Wil Wheaton, writer/actor
  14. Jason Finn, drummer
  15. The Doubleclicks, band
  16. Marian Call, musician
  17. Tomo Nakayama, musician
  18. Vincent Kitch, head of Office of Arts and Culture
  19. Francisco Hernandez, designer
  20. Matt Duquette, artist/writer
  21. Elfie Duquette, stylist
  22. RobRoy Chalmers, artist
  23. Billy the Fridge, rapper
  24. Nick Finck, UX expert
  25. Tracy Record, journalist

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