Author: Rasmus

Software and Video Games

I have worked on a number of AAA titles as a minor contributor, such as “Sunset Overdrive” and “Rise of the Tomb Raider”, and I have made a number of small indie games and apps over the years.

My current indie project is Above the Fold, which is due for Early Access release on Steam in late 2018. My personal blog holds a page that lists more of my work in this area.

Here is what I can do for you, when it comes to video games:

  • Develop simple promotional games for web or mobile
  • Assist in planning and running game development projects
  • Project development, ideation and review
  • Quality Assurance

Localization Specialist

I have years of experience working with translation of games and software. If you are considering translating your product, I can provide guidance and consulting on every stage, from requirement gathering and preparing your content for translation, to sourcing the work through agencies and freelancers across the world.

Video Production

I’ve been involved in a number of video projects, going back to the early 2000s. Below are some of the more recent videos I have had a hand in. Use the contact form in the sidebar, if you have a video project you’d like to discuss.

Focus: Seattle Poets

This series was shot for Another Passion. I had several people help make this series a reality, all of whom volunteered their time. The videos were shot in one day, at Full Pull Wines in Seattle’s Sodo district.

It Gets Better (Mike Selinker & Stepto)

I did the video, editing and post production on this project, co-produced with Liz Smith, written by game designer Mike Selinker.

Nebula Rescue

Promo video for the iPhone game, Nebula Rescue. This is a quick and dirty release, made to go with the cartoony style of the game itself.